Author: kshaw

Pool Opening and Annual Meeting Postponed

The pool will be closed until further notice.  It’s unclear when or if the pool will open this year. 

As of now, Fairfax County has not lifted social distancing restrictions.  Even when Phase One restrictions are lifted there may be other limits placed on pool usage (e.g. no outdoor seating, lap swimming only).  In short, I would not expect the pool to open before July 1.  Pool passes will not be distributed until there is a decision on the opening.

The lifeguard situation is uncertain as well.  International travel restrictions and the inability to recruit local guards are ongoing concerns.  I will be posting a recruitment notice from our pool company, Premier Aquatics, in the event we do open.  Regardless of when we open, the pool and courts will be maintained throughout the summer.  For the pool, proper chemicalization is required by health officials and water must be kept in the pool to maintain its structural integrity.  It should be noted that the virus is not transmitted via chlorinated water.

Finally, we are looking to schedule the annual meeting in the fall when we can hopefully have a live meeting.  Stay tuned for more details on time and location.

Annual Meeting May 3rd 2018

The River Farms Conservancy will have its annual meeting on May 3rd at 7pm at the Mt. Vernon Rehabilitation Center on 8111 Tis Well Drive. For those new to the area, the Conservancy oversees the operations and maintenance of the recreation facilities (pool and courts) for River Farms and Briary Farms.

Pool passes will be distributed prior to the meeting beginning at 6:30. In an effort to reduce costs, the Conservancy will no longer be distributing passes by regular mail. There will be other opportunities to receive your passes at the pool starting Memorial Day Weekend.

Annual Meeting 2017

The Conservancy’s annual meeting will be May 4 at 7:00. Mount Vernon Nursing Center, 8111 Tis Well Drive. Pool passes will be available for pickup during the annual meeting.