Pool Rules

Download A Copy Of The RFC 2019 Pool Rules

River Farms Conservancy Pool Rules

Pool Hours & Admission Policy

  1. The pool is open 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM, seven days a week, beginning the Saturday on Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend.  Check out the Conservancy website and social media at www.riverfarmsconserversancy.org  for updated information on pool hours and unscheduled closings.
  2. Only member’s current in payment of their fees may use the pool facilities.  
  3. Each Member will be provided four (4) pool passes for their household. Additional passes may be requested to members if needed.  Members shall have a valid Conservancy pool pass in their possession while at the pool and must be presented to the lifeguard upon request.  A member must sign-in at the pool upon entry and indicate any guests (non-members) in their party.  
  4. Pool passes may be obtained by completing the pool registration form and sending the completed form to: River Farms Conservancy c/o Summit Management Services, Inc., 8405 A Richmond Hwy Alexandria, Virginia 22309, by fax: 703-746-8585 or E-mail: maria.burrell@summitmanage.com.
  5. Children 12 years of age or under will not be allowed at the pool if not in the immediate and continued custody of a parent or guardian.  A guardian (age 16 or over) may consist of a parent, sibling, babysitter, or nanny.  Lifeguards may request age verification of the guardian.  Parents and guardians are responsible for their children’s behavior at all times within the pool facility.  
  6. Children over age 12 will be allowed in the pool unaccompanied by an adult provided they have passed a swimming test to the satisfaction of the lifeguard.  
  7. Guests are defined as persons who are not members of the Conservancy. Any member age 18 or over may host guests and shall note the guest in the logbook when signing in.  Guests under age 18 must be accompanied by a member over age 18 or legal guardian who takes responsibility for the behavior of the guest at all times.
  8. Admission to the pool is refused to all persons having any contagious diseases, infections, conditions such as a cold, ringworm, fevers, foot infections, skin lesions, inflamed eyes, ear discharge, etc.


  1. Users should enter the pool through the main bathhouse.  The side entrance is available for those requiring special assistance, including people with wheelchairs and strollers.

  1. Running, rough play, foul language, inappropriate use of pool equipment or supplies, and personal conduct endangering the safety of self and others in any portion of the pool area or deck or pool facilities is prohibited and may result in removal from pool facilities.

  1. Persons unable to demonstrate their ability to swim will not be permitted in deep water.

  1. Glass, food, beverages and chewing gum are not permitted in the pool.  Food and beverages in shatterproof containers are permitted on the pool deck.  All trash must be removed.  Smoking, vaping and pets are not allowed anywhere on the property.

  1. In the event of lightning and thunder bathers must clear the pool and wait no less than 20 minutes from the last occurrence before the pool may re-open.


  1. All persons using the pool must be appropriately attired.  Cut-offs are not permitted.

  1. All persons under 18 will take a ten (10) minute rest period in intervals beginning at 10:50AM through 11:00 AM, etc. and continuing hourly while the pool is open.  Small children may stay in the pool during breaks as long as they are within arms-length of a parent or guardian.

  1. Preference to the wading pool is for supervised children under six years of age.


  1. Any bather not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper or rubber pants under their bathing suit.

  1. The Fire Lane (Emergency Parking) designated in the parking lot next to the pool entrance and the area posted as Emergency Parking on Carter Farm Court are restricted.

  1. Musical devices for personal entertainment must be operated at a volume level not to interfere with the peace and tranquility of other members.

  1. The swim lane is reserved for lap swimming.  If not in use, it can be used for other    activities at the discretion of the lifeguard.

  1. Water basketball is permitted at the lifeguard’s discretion, only when it does not interfere with the safety and enjoyment of other pool users. Players may not hold or hang onto the basket rim.
  2. Reservations to use the upper pool deck and picnic tables for birthday parties or other functions can be scheduled on a calendar hanging on the pool bulletin board.

  1. Charcoal grills are not allowed on the wooden deck (but can be used on the concrete walkways).  Please clean up after any event and place garbage in the sealed garbage cans.  If excess food is on the deck, ask the lifeguard to hose down the deck after use.

Intentional and repeated violations of these rules will be referred to the Conservancy Board for further action.  To register a complaint or advice notify management of any incident requiring attention. You can contact our Community Manager, Maria Burrell, on her direct line at 703-945-1428 or via email at maria.burrell@summitmanage.com.