Courts Rules

River Farms Conservancy Tennis/ Multi-purpose Court Rules

These rules have been written to address the following principles:

  • A safe environment for River Farms Conservancy members and guests;
  • Properly maintained facilities;
  • Privacy for nearby residents.

The Conservancy Board will monitor the use of the facilities and will revise these rules as necessary to adhere to these principles.


  1. Court hours are from 7am to dusk. Access to the courts is not allowed after dark.
  2. Keep gate locked when not in use. Be sure to lock the gate if you are the last to leave the facilities.
  3. Guests are allowed on the courts only when accompanied by a River Farms Conservancy member. Guests may be asked to leave if not accompanied by a member or do not have consent from an adult member of the community.
  4. Children under the age of 8 must be accompanied by a sibling or guardian 12 years or older and who is a member of the Conservancy.
  5. Do not park vehicles (you or your guests) in private parking spots near the courts. Vehicles parked in private spots will be towed in accordance of First River Farms HOA policies.
  6. Please keep noise to a minimum. There are residents in close proximity to the courts and we ask you be conscious of your (and your children’s) noise levels.
  7. Absolutely no pets are allowed on the courts
  8. Due to the sensitive nature of the court surface, no wheels are allowed on the court (roller blades, bicycles, scooters, skateboards, etc). Wheel chairs are the exception.
  9. Multi-court use is allowed for basketball, soccer, lacrosse and other sporting activities that do not put unnecessary wear and tear on the surface.
  10. No excessive hanging on the basketball rims.
  11. To prevent damage to the fence, please avoid running into the fence when possible. Absolutely no climbing on the fence.
  12. At this time, we do not plan to “reserve” use of the courts. If usage increases to a point that necessitates reservations, we will update the rules accordingly.
  13. Tennis courts are to be used for tennis on first come, first serve basis. When tennis courts are not in use, they may be used for other sporting activities (noted above) but must be forfeited to tennis players as they arrive.
  14. Please be sure to clean up after yourselves. This means throwing away all garbage and putting away any equipment.
  15. No foul language, fighting, or excessive rough play.
  16. The courts are for sporting activities only. No smoking, excessive alcohol or loitering will be permitted.
  17. The Conservancy Board will review repeated violators to these rules and may revoke privileges as necessary.
  18. Report any problems to Maria Burrell at

Some Pictures of The Courts